Insolvency Process Software

The functionality & friendliness of IPS, coupled with its advanced productivity tools of Version 8.0 sets a new standard for Insolvency processing administration and management of bankruptcy estates.  

Adaptability Insolvency process software designed to work with the way you work and fully customizable
Fully Bilingual Switch between English and French ‘on the fly’
Administration Types Ability to manage all admin types (Ordinary, Summary, Proposals, Receivership and CCAA)
Banking Standard set of trust account banking capabilities using GAAP compliant accounting practices
Notes/Logs/Alerts Store notes, phone logs and alerts directly within the estate you are working on.
Timesheet Tracking Auto-calculate time and labour on an estate or user basis
Built in Security Role and permission based security model
Compliant & Secure OSB Directive No 32 Compliant, strictest security features.
Form Recognition Bar code, scan and upload insolvency process documents to estate automatically
Attach debtor, creditor and mandatory documents directly to estate objects Import Proof of claims and clip directly to asset or liability

Drop and Drag emails to estate

Drag and drop CRA tax documents, Income and Expense forms, budget sheets, insurance letters and any debtor correspondence directly to the individual estate

Searchable Search for documents at estate or global level
Notes/Logs/Alerts Store notes, phone logs and alerts directly within the estate, just drag and drop.
Configurable, Customizable Tools within admin permissions to control and manage to suit practice requirements.
No Added Costs UBERbase IPS Insolvency document management is baked directly into the IPS program, making it fully integrated at no extra cost.
Real-Time Transaction Processing Transactions are posted to the bank trust accounts individually and in real-time
Batch Transaction Processing Transactions are posted to the bank trust accounts grouped in batches
Approval Process Authorization safeguards built in and configurable based upon office policies for Licensed Insolvency Trustees individual practice requirements.
Consolidated Cheques Save time and resources by consolidating multiple cheques to a common payee into a single cheque
Automatic Fee Consolidation and
LIT’s Trustee, Filing, and Counselling Fees are automatically sent to the Banking area once the business logic rules are satisfied.  Next generation Insolvency processing software automation
Cheque Printer Built-in cheque-writer
Banking Administration Centralized/De-Centralized banking provides the ability to administer banking either from a central location or individually from each office
PAP -PAD Electronic funds transfer, through pre approved payment programs compatiablity.  Ability to import and process PAP files created from Canadian financial institutions
Error Checking Built in function to eliminate the possibility to accidentally overdraw an account
Form Categorization The ability to group all regulatory and custom forms into the categories that you create. Designed to fit your needs.
Form Bundling The ability to group forms into categories and print the bundle as a package.
Report Creations and Categorization Pre-loaded with common Insolvency processing software reports, custom report builder wizard to dial in the data you require for your practice.  Unique ability to group reports into the categories for insolvency processing.
Report Bundling The ability to group insolvency reports into categories and print and send the bundle as a package
E-Filing Fully compliant with the OSB’s E-Filing initiative. Pre-validating data prior to upload ensures compliance and reduces errors.
Automated Tasks User-configurable automatic tasks act as reminders
Workflow Manager On-Screen and printed views aid in the Automating and tracking the workflow
Estate Reporting Tools A multitude of reports designed to effectively manage Estates on a day-to-day basis
Office Reporting Tools A multitude of reports designed to effectively manage your office on a day-to-day basis
Document Library Provides the ability to attach a file directly to an estate or to the office
Multiple Setup Options Designed for either a small, medium or enterprise office with
options such as centralized\decentralized banking and remote offices management.
Multi Databases Enabled Ability to use of one database to control several related offices.
Used mainly when purchasing or expanding to a new office and still wanting to keep all items separate.
Multi office Reporting In an Enterprise implementation of IPS, you have the ability to report on numerous offices simultaneously
Multi Office User Management In an Enterprise implementation of IPS, you have the ability to administer users located at numerous offices simultaneously
Roles Management To aid in the administration of an Enterprise implementation, user configurable Roles have been added
Outlook Sync Provides the user with the ability to synchronize IPS Calendar with MS Outlook
Multi-Tabbed Interface Ability to open multiple Estates simultaneously
Quick Estate Wizard A rapid data entry method to increase initial Estate creation
Rapid Data Entry Through the use of in-line editing, data entry speed is increased
Built in Web Browser For performing prior insolvency searches, ppsa searches, etc.
Auto Updating Downloading and applying patches has been eliminated with IPS Auto-Update
Data Mining Capabilities Open Architecture Database Format provides for connectivity using any MS SQL compliant report writer.
Familiar User Interface Outlook 2003 style interface
Estate Linking Ability to link Estates with other Estates
MS Terminal Server / Citrix Server Fully compatible with the latest low bandwidth application sharing technologies.

IPS Insolvency Process Software – Features

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