UBERbase Insolvency Process System

How fast do you want to Grow your Insolvency Practice?

IPS is much more than software. A Time Saving Tool for Licensed Insolvency Trustees that will change your life and grow your business!

Scale to Fit

IPS offers scalable practice management solutions for any size of trustee firm; Time saving components that benefit firms whether you process 100 or 12000 estates /year.


Trustees can depend on IPS to be leading edge innovators with regular product growth and feature enhancements.

Heavily Supported

Supporting our clients with a heavily trained team of Insolvency professionals. Trainers and Support are specialists dedicated to optimising your practice.



Less work. Greater rewards.

IPS allows you to automate large sections of the process. Increasing file quality and decreasing staff stress.


Banking Automation

Spend less time collecting, reporting and reconciling

Integrated PAP banking transactions for debtor collection with major Canadian banks.

Reducing defaults and NSF cheques and smoothly enabling immediate correspondence with debtors through automated workflow.

Improved Communication

UBERbase transcends communication of all stakeholders.

Automating communication throughout the life cycle of the estate. Reporting updates to debtors, creditors and governing bodies through electronic communication.



Trust UBERbase.

The evolution of Insolvency in Canada requires all stakeholders to work seamlessly towards common technical goals and industry improvements.

Uberbase works closely with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, that reflect the best interests of the industry.


Practice Management & Workflow Automation

Company-wide oversight & accountability

Practice management steamlined with real time, exception based dashbords.

Automate daily, multi-step and critical processes throughout the insolvency life cycle.