UBERbase has streamlined the way Licensed Insolvency Trustee offices manage and control debtor, creditor and mandatory documents.

Clients of UBERbase are Paperless!

In 2013 when the Superintendent of Bankruptcy introduced Directive No. 32  the intent and purpose was to set requirements and dictate the technology for paperless document storage within the industry.  The directive applied to trustees, who were required to keep estate documents and records for ease of reading and storage.

The directive set minimalist standards for electronic record keeping and put the onus on the trustee and administrator to be responsible even when using a 3rd party provider.

UBERbase’s design and development team went to work back in 2013 and 2014 to create a high bred, fully integrated document management system.  The team reviewed every aspect of the insolvency process and all the stakeholders requirements.  Compiling not only the OSB requirements of TURK but the day to day functionality of processing an estate by the trustee or administrator.  The results were phenomenal.

UBERbase’s document management is not just a depository.  The Insolvency document management system, creates, reads, collaborates and links documents within the global practice and within each individual estate.  The ultimate compliant and secure solution to insolvency document management.

2018 Document Management Suite includes:

1. Attach documents directly to objects within the estate.

  • Counselling session recordings
  • Proof of claims clipped directly to the asset
  • Emails dragged and dropped into the estate
  • CRA tax documents clipped to the debtors file
  • Income and Expense & Individual budget sheets, managed and accessible directly within the estate

2.  Fax and Email from within the paperless suite

3.  Form recognition with unique ID estate bar coding functionality. Uploading scanned documents directly to estate with the click of one button.

4. Customization and configuration from within the admin tools.

5. Fully integrated with IPS and included with IPS user license.

Trust UBERbase to be ahead of the competition and to save our clients money.

Proudly, IPS by UBERbase is the only insolvency software provider in Canada with a fully integrated document management solution.  Our competitor relies on 3rd party bolt-on document management, which is cumbersome and costly.

Ask for a demo of IPS document management today.

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