Client Care Specialist Liz TaitUBERbase and VISIONblue is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our company and recently hired a well respected and industry savvy insolvency specialist to drive our NEW IPS client care.

Liz Tait will be part of an exciting new department at UBERbase specifically focused on IPS Client Care.  Officially, Liz will carry the title of Business Retention and Expansion Specialist.  She is an ideal fit with the UBERbase culture, bringing an enthusiastic energy,  deep insolvency knowledge and industry wide perspectives to our diverse and knowledgeable team.

Liz began her career in public accounting and quickly found her niche in the field of insolvency. Her initial focus was on corporate insolvency, first with Coopers and Lybrand Limited, and after a merger, with PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. (PWC) in Toronto, Vancouver and London, Ontario. After working in this area for several years, Liz switched her focus into the area of consumer insolvency so that she could focus on helping individuals through the burden of debt. In 2010, PWC sold their insolvency practice to Meyers Norris Penny Limited (MNP). Liz remained with MNP for several years before looking for new opportunities in the field of insolvency.

Most recently, Liz worked for a FCT – Default Solutions and Ascend.  This allowed her to work “on the other side” so that she could learn about the concerns of creditors  involved in the insolvency process.  Most recently, in her role, she acted as a Subject Matter Expert and managed the day to day operations of Ascend.  A significant part of this role was listening to Trustee’s and their needs for software to help make their practice thrive .  Having practiced as a LIT for many years, Liz understands both insolvency law as well as the day to day demands of an insolvency practice.

Liz originally obtained her Trustee license in British Columbia in 2005 before transferring her license to Ontario.

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