Who Wants to do Bankruptcy Taxes?

We Do!

UBERtax has evolved to be the simplest and fastest method for insolvency professionals to complete their mandatory tax filings.

EASY, FAST, ECONOMICAL - Almost makes doing taxes FUN!

What is UberTax?

UBERtax is an added module of IPS which is cloud hosted and integrated with DTMax, Dr Tax Efiling tax software.  

A fully integrate tax processing platform seamlessly allowing the user to file pre, post and prior returns directly. UBERtax is completely CRA compliant and designed specifically for the Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Many Canadian Insolvency firms have disjointed approaches to filing pre, post and prior tax returns.  The UBERtax platform smooths out the process, manages returns at an estate level and allows a faster turn around time for the LIT’s in house tax team. 

How does it work ?

UBERtax  End to End tax filings specifically for Pre, Post and Prior tax returns.  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!   

  1. Activate IPS Ubertax License
  2. Upload tax slips
  3. Tax return is completed and filed to CRA

There is no magic, we have a team of professionally trained tax agents led by Canadian Accountants, T-1 returns are produced, reviewed and submit to CRA.  The quality of the process and accuracy of the filing is guaranteed by Uberbase.  

UBERbase provides everything necessary including,  the cloud hosted  infrastructure, DTMax tax software, printing and delivery to CRA. 

With an easy to use interface UBERbase has automated many facets of the Tax Return process and provides an efficient and reliable system that automatically places checklists and final data into IPS software without having to retype.

The trustee at all times retains full control with approvals and feedback throughout the process.

It’s that simple.

Looking for an Efficient Tax Filing Solution, UBERtax, a natural choice!
UberTax is…

Built to fit your firms needs! 

UBERtax   Since inception, UBERtax has been functioning in one manner although effective it was limited to one solution.

For the 2019 tax year, we took time to review both the technology and the clients needs and are very excited to present 2 new options for our clients.

We have redesigned what we do and how we do it, ideally providing a solution for every size and type of Licensed Trustee Firm.

We have been given feedback from our clients that basically divides the firms into 2 groups:

  1. Firms with the in-house capacity to process returns efficiently and quickly.  Mostly larger firms with staff sizes that scale well during tax season.
  2. Firms that need help during tax season, they don’t have the capacity or desire to scale to complete returns and need help through outsourcing.


Group One – We have a custom tech solution.  That is consists of a cloud hosted environment that integrates with IPS and provides CRA compliant tax software DT Max.  The 2 programs are integrated, we provide the tax solution, you provide the manpower.

Group Two – A tech solution which includes full tax return processing and delivery.   Also cloud hosted environment that integrates with IPS/ DT Max but the difference is we provide the manpower. The tax processing is completed by a CPA through Uberbase.  End to End solution that requires very little effort by the trustee firm.

Pick which UBERtax solutions works best for your firm and find pricing here

Here are the advantages…
  • Lower cost per return
  • Ease of use, fully integrated with IPS
  • Reduce stress, employee frustrations and burden
  • Facilitate compliance with duties
  • More time devoted to estate management
  • CRA compliant, efiling license included
  • Standard income tax questionnaire form
  • Business Income and Expense questionnaire for business estates
  • Managing of all income tax returns’ expected documentation and tasks with tools such as…
  • Flagging individual documentation as Expected or Received
  • Adding custom notes to any of the Income & Expense types
  • Global reporting on which estates are still missing documentation
  • Automatically generate Emails for missing documentation explaining what is missing
Isn’t it easy?
  • Quickly see the return’s status.. e.g. Missing info, Ready to process, Submitted to CRA, etc….
  • One Click Submission of tax returns to DTMax to be processed by your staff of professionals 
  • Efile, Print and Mail to CRA in a few easy steps.  (delivery of return to CRA responsibility of trustee) 
  • Copy of the T1 that was sent to the CRA saved automatically back into the estates document library
  • Global overview report outlining ALL of your tax returns in program.
  • Over 15 search criteria to use
  • Sort by ANY column prior to printing
  • Report header highlights your search criteria
  • Search field to find estates where a Final R&D has been done to help close those estates

UBERtax pricing can be significantly reduced when mulitple services are purchased by the Trustee firm. Whether you are currently using IPS, EDE, UBERtax, UBERhosting, Backoffice or a combination of those services we have competitively priced bundled services.