The Next Generation of Insolvency Estate Management

UBERbase IPS Version 8.0

UBERbase IPS The Next Generation has changed the way many in the insolvency industry work. Brilliant new tools and functions make Version 8.0 the cutting edge of insolvency processing and helping LIT’s become more competitive, productive and efficient.

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Equity/Asset Calculator

Fully integrated asset equity report calculator and practice wide equity asset dashboard.

Cool New Tool

Electronic Signature

Automatically apply electronic signatures to your estate forms and cheques

Hot New Feature

Automated Banking

Features Payment Obligation (PO) wizard, PAP of debtors payments, creates & links transactions, automatic bank reconciliations.  Integrates with all banks.

Boost Productivity

The Jello

“The Jello” is loose coupling of key functions of the estate for individual practices.   The Jello Wizard simplifies automation associated to PO, PS and Banking.

Cool Tool to Speed up Debtor Payments


Integrated at the estate level, SMS messaging services comes fully hosted in IPS.   Pre-schedule delivery or send manually SMS to your clients.

Next generation response automation with read replies functionality and workflow.

Fun Feature

Auto Efiling

E-filing made easy, never upload through the OSB website every again.

Auto E filing uploads the XML directly to the OSB.  With next generation automation that will manage, read and process the OSB response file.  The data from the response file is populated  directly into the estate in IPS.

Significant Time Saving Feature

Improved Functionality

Division II proposals new features

  • Amended Proposal Wizard
  • Proposal Compliance Dashboard

Streamlining Consumer Proposals

Auto Docs

Document production, delivery, storage and management completed automatically.

Impressive New Function


Practice management dashboards are a core function of IPS. Version 8.0 rolls out 7 New functional dashboards associated to practice review.

Data where you need, When you need it

Upgraded Performance

All key regions of IPS have been enhanced for improved performance.

253 Improvements

Processing Automation

Fully automate key functions

  • R & D processing
  • Banking
  • Auto E filing

Cutting Edge Automation

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“I am really excited about the features you presented to us today in Version 8.0 of IPS. I have picked this program apart to see what we can use to save time and energy and what you have shown us today was mind blowing.
I had used Ascend in my previous employment and I feel that UBERbase IPS Version 8.0 is mush more user friendly.”

Janes Noseworthy Licensed Insolvency TrusteeCollette Willcott