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UBERbase winner of 2018 Irish Government Software Tender

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Canadian Company Revolutionizes Insolvency Service of Ireland

UBERbase winner of 2018 Irish Government Software Tender

Victoria BC, Canada: Inc. a private Canadian company and leader in insolvency process software is pleased to announce it has won a 2nd highly competitive EU wide public tender to supply insolvency software to the Irish Government.  Competing against powerful international tech giants and dominate Irish software suppliers, UBERbase was awarded the highest score and chosen to be the Most Economical Advantageous Tender (MEAT) by the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI).

“I am incredibly proud of our team at UBERbase.  In 2013, we secured a similar contract related to bankruptcy platform for the ISI.   At that time, we had not competed internationally at any level. As it turned out we were the epitome of the dark horse. However, the 2018 tender was unlike 2013, simply put it was quite grueling!  We no longer had the element of surprise and the competition was fierce” said Stephanie Harper, Chief Operating Officer.  “Our win is a win for Ireland and Canada” Harper explained, “Our Canadian government over decades has developed an effective and mature doctrine surrounding insolvency. The Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) along with our Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) sets world class standards. With that in mind, it is easy to understand how our Canadian product, IPS is the quintessential platform for the Irish insolvency regime. Our experienced team will reduce the challenges of the young Irish administration by applying common Canadian elements, international best practices to a European Union setting.”

Over the coming months, UBERbase’s team is keen to roll out another successful platform for Ireland.  The UBERbase 2013 tender by all standards was a success as noted by Lorcan O’Connor, Director & CEO of Insolvency Service of Ireland. “UBERbase created a bankruptcy processing platform that offered mission critical requirements within the ISI timeframe and within the given budget.  UBERbase proved to be more than just software providers, rendering invaluable 360 degree insolvency and processing knowledge to our team at the ISI”

Harper noted “We have set steep standards by our own performance as it related to the ISI bankruptcy department.  As a company it is our goal to exceed the expectations of the ISI once again”

About UBERbase:  Established in 2003 in Ottawa Canada.  A small team of engineers designed and built an insolvency platform to respond to regulatory changes in the industry, that technology was named Insolvency Process System (IPS).  Today, UBERbase IPS is an indispensable tool that delivers powerful efficiency to 40% of the trustees across Canada.   UBERbase is now known as the Gold Standard to Licensed Insolvency Trustees, regulators and governing bodies when it comes to processing all types of insolvency cases.


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